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Hellen Jepkurgat :-: LA Marathon

Stanley Boen :-: St Louis Marathon

Damiel Katitu :-: Glass City Marathon

Stanley Boen :-: Kentucky Derby Marathon

Evans Kurui :-: St Louis Marathon

Dominic Korir :-: Mercedes Marathon

Stanley Boen :-: Glass City Marathon

Paul Sugut :-: St Louis Marathon

Stanley Boen :-: Mercedes Marathon

What We Stand For


We nurture, support and promote athletics talents


To be a known organization that server equally

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We would like to work with talented athlete of all ages, nationality or gender

TISOProvider of Athletics Management

At TISO we provide athlete's management to talented indivudual have prooven past performance. We represent athlete, enter them to races organize for transportation to and from the camp or from race to race. We provide accomodation

We make sure our athlete are valid travel visas and permit. We abide by rules and regulation of IAAF. Therefore, we don't manage athletes with records of drug cheat or sport irregularites

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